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    Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions outline our policy in relation to the sale and return of products purchased from our online shop. We encourage you to acquaint yourself with this policy prior to purchasing from us.

1 The Buyer
1.1 You are the buyer. Any reference herein to 'you' , 'your' or 'yours' means you as the buyer.
2 The Seller
2.1 Your purchase is from Jim Kilpatrick Percussion Ltd. Any reference to 'we', 'us', 'our' or 'ours' means Jim Kilpatrick Percussion Ltd.
2.2 Jim Kilpatrick Percussion Ltd is a PayPal® verified company.
3 Products
3.1 Products supplied by us should be as described and of merchantable quality.
3.2 All products are new unless stated otherwise.
3.3 DVD products listed as 'PAL Version' are encoded only for viewing on equipment programmed to accept the PAL format.
3.4 DVD products listed as 'NTSC Version' are encoded only for viewing on North American equipment or equipment programmed to accept the NTSC format.
3.5 All other DVD and CD ROM products are universally suitable unless stated otherwise.
4 Stock
4.1 Products listed as 'In Stock' are in stock with us or with our suppliers.
4.2 Out of stock items will be replaced as soon as possible and withdrawn from sale in the interim.
5 Deposits
5.1 We reserve the right to charge deposits for items purchased offline.
5.2 Deposits levied will be dependent on your previous payment and purchase history, quantity and value of items ordered.
6 Online Purchases
6.1 All purchases from us are handled securely online by PayPal®.
6.2 Your purchase is subject to PayPal® membership and PayPal® terms and conditions. Please make yourself aware of how PayPal® operates prior to completing your purchase.
6.3 Upon completion of your purchase, PayPal® will electronically supply us with your payment and shipping details.
6.4 PayPal® accepts multiple currencies. Our currency of choice by default is GBP (Sterling). Payments made to PayPal® other than in GBP (Sterling) are subject to PayPal® currency conversions at the appropriate exchange rate.
6.5 Credit card purchases will be listed on your credit card statement under the reference 'JKPONLINE' or 'JIMKILPATRICKONLINE'.
7 Postage & Packaging
7.1 Postage & Packaging is calculated prior to completing your purchase upon proceeding to the secure checkout.
7.2 Purchases will be despatched as soon as reasonably practicable within 28 days of receipt of your order according to the status and location of our stock.
7.3 We shall endeavour to update you with the shipping number and delivery status of your purchase via PayPal®.
7.4 The choice of carrier of your purchase will be determined at own discretion.
7.5 Your purchase may be subject to import duty at the country of destination. We do not accept any responsibility for any duty imposed.
7.6 Multimedia downloads are not subject to Postage & Packaging.
8 Returns & Refunds
8.1 Adequate steps should be taken by you prior to completion of your purchase to ensure that the product(s) selected and quantities thereof are accurate and appropriate for your intended use.
8.2 Products returned for consideration of replacement or refund other than by reason of fault should be intact and unopened wherever possible. We will not provide a replacement or refund for products which have been intentionally unsealed, degenerated or destroyed by you or are not returned in a re-sellable condition.
8.3 A refund will be offered for any product(s) received by you in a defective or destroyed condition or any item delivered in error by us.
8.4 The responsibility for the quantity of product(s) purchased and the suitability of use lies with you. The costs involved in returning surplus or incompatible product(s) for consideration of refund or replacement are your responsibility.
8.5 Refunds will be offered for any purchase that cannot be fulfilled due to the product(s) becoming unavailable or the desired quantity of the product being unavailable. In such cases, we will contact you by E-mail to arrange a refund or an 'on-hold' order.
8.6 All refunds will be processed online by PayPal®.
8.7 Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.
9 Changes To These Terms & Conditions
9.1 We reserve the right to make amendments to our terms & conditions at any time.
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